Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fudging the Line for Summer Fun

Is there really a line? Perhaps, but it seems harder to see these days. This whole isolation thing is getting old. The only precaution we really seem to obey is avoiding enclosed spaces with lots of people. But we kind of cheated that one by going to IHOP one night for dinner. We justified it because we were the only ones there. And we did sneak William in for sacrament meeting on Sunday (1st hour), but we sat in an adjacent room by ourselves where it was wired for sound.
So William and I are still waiting anxiously to hit the theater for Harry Potter 7 Part 2. I suppose the longer we wait, the smaller the crowds.

The line is also getting fuzzy because this past week has seen the return of a William we haven't seen in 15 months. He's been very active, borderline hyper at times. We took the family to a Rivercats baseball game (minor league team feeding the Oakland A's) last Thursday since we couldn't see the H.P. premier. Sigh. Ryan was given 4 tickets from a co-worker at the last minute (he was going to H.P). We decided to all go and buy 3 more tickets to sit on the lawn. Besides, the weather was so cool all week, it seemed sinful to wait a few weeks so we could enjoy a game in 102 degree heat! William was so sad at first and when we told him he was coming too, he almost didn't believe us. He is so used to being left out or left behind. William, Soren and I took the lawn seats (away from the crowds) and Ryan and the other boys sat in the "good" seats (in the crowd). By the end of the game, William was on cloud nine and the other boys were whining about not getting to sit on the grass. William made it onto the jumbo tron 4 times for his dancing! He just couldn't stop dancing around each time the music played!

Let's hear it for the cheap seats!
July 4th Giants Game
(cheap seats get quite the view!)

Dinner with William after the game!

William misses swimming. William really misses swimming! There's not much I can do to justify him taking a little dip with his Broviac because it's not worth the risk of winding back up in the hospital. This is how we protect his line from water: Aquaguard. For the bath or shower, we usually use two large Tegaderms, but I'm hoarding those right now and I have to do a dressing change after using those because they stick to his dressings.
To fudge the swimming line, I found a website gem in the FamilyFun magazine while sitting in the dentist's office. Mine lacks the artistic touches from the creative genius in the magazine, but my boys wouldn't fully appreciate the time and effort to go that far. Nor do I have the patience. Here's what resulted: Kid Wash!


  1. Love the Family Fun Sprinkler Carwash...I read it too and thought it was so cool! You get the Mom award! (I just read and abandoned and watching how much fun William had the KUDOS goes to you Julie!) Love how you are following the guidelines but with the spirit of a knowing mother's heart! I'm glad to hear you could all enjoy some well deserved family moments! Hang in there! love from the Carolinas!

  2. That "Kid Wash" looks fantastic. Add a tarp to the bottom for a slip n slide and it just may be complete. Then at the end of playtime feed in some clean, biodegradable soap and you can count that as one of their showers for the week! haha.

  3. I want to go to a Rivercats game with william so I can see him on the megatron! So fun and glad he's slowing getting back to his normal 'kid' self.

  4. you are an incredible mom julie.... i'm continually impressed. you all are in our every prayer. and go see harry potter as soon as you can... it's the best movie yet. wish i could go with you!
    hugs and kisses to you all

  5. The video of William going through the sprinklers is wonderful! What a creative solution, Julie.

    And -- it was great to have William back in primary again. The other kids treated him like he'd never been gone.

    Best wishes for continued progress.