Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spot the faithful in this photo!

Friend Lisa here.  Julie emailed this photo to me and it should be shared with all who love to smile.  When the Murdocks come out of isolation, they really get out.  I sure hope William has a great trip because he has work waiting for him in a couple of days.  School starts Monday!  And, as luck would have it (wink, wink), my son and William are in the same class.  Comb all that new hair, William, for my annual 1st day of school photo because you know James won't be combing his mop.


  1. I just hollered out to Charlie that William is also in his class and he let out a big shriek "yeahhhh!!!!" We will be so glad to see you guys : )

  2. Being there with Will and the gang was awesome, and not because of Old Faithful, either!

  3. Hi Julie and Ryan

    I was just down at your parents ward today for a grandson's ordination to Priest. We were not in a reg. church meeting so I didn't find your folks. It made me think about you all, so I checked your blog to see how you are all doing. Sounds like good progress is being made, so we are very happy about that. Keep up the great progress. Will looks great in the pictures.

    Love, Nancy & Jerry