Monday, November 7, 2011

Make It A Decade!

Happy 10th Birthday to my sweet William!

He had a great day spent at home: breakfast in bed, favorite foods for each meal, movies, cartoons.... Thank you, neutropenia. Don't we all wish we could just stay at home and rest sometimes on our birthday? My mom was in town to help out with the stuff that gets neglected when we're in the hospital so often and William and the boys all enjoyed having her read and sing with them. Thanks, Mom, for juggling all you do to make the trip. Thanks, Dad, Uncle Richard, Aunt Linda, and Natalie for taking over all her responsibilities to let her come.

One of the best treats was the Angry Birds cake. Thanks, Beth! (She makes the most delicious and amazing cakes and cupcakes). Perhaps I shouldn't admit that we ate cake for breakfast too!
Soren's gift to William was finally agreeing to the buzz cut. Soren commented, "It's okay because I still look totally awesome!" Note to self: his self-esteem is still intact.

William was born a couple years before we entered the digital age. We had some fun sorting through many of the envelopes of pictures I have tucked away in boxes of when he was born. I'm not a scrapbook-er. Period. But seeing how happy he was looking at the pictures and listening to our stories makes me want to bump that up on my priority list. I suppose I may be somewhat genetically challenged in that area given my mom is still trying to find time to do mine. Here's a fun collage of what I do have stored in my computer.Happy Birthday, William. I am so blessed to have a son so full of strength, patience, tenderness, faith, and love.


  1. Happy Birthday, William! I loved the collage you put together.

  2. Happy 10th Birthday William! We think you rock! That may just be the coolest birthday cake I've ever seen.

    Julie, it's so fun to see William through the years. He was such a super cute little guy. That picture of him holding the twins is particularly darling! Our "Baby William" just wore that same orange hooded ghost shirt on Halloween day!

  3. You show-off! Teach me how this week! Please!

  4. happy birthday, william!! i'm so glad you ate cake for breakfast. it's the perfect birthday meal (or non-birthday meal...) love you!

  5. I remember William's birth with great fondness! What an incredible young man he has turned out to be. I send Texas hugs and a big Yahooooo!

  6. Angry Birds for Happy boys. We LOVE you William!! It is great to hear how you celebrated--and I'm sure there will be more this weekend. O'll never forget holding you in /austin for the first time. (You were kinda bald then too, but equally cute!)

    Grandma M and GrandpaM

  7. Happy Happy Birthday William!! I love the cake!