Monday, April 25, 2011

Antibiotics at Home

Sunday afternoon during church, William texted me to announce his negative blood culture result. (This is a good thing). However it was just the 24 hour culture. We needed the 48 hour culture to be negative as well to be able to start planning a date to come home. I was relieved, but still anxious. After church, we had a quick Easter egg hunt in the backyard. It just wasn't as fun without William and Ryan there. For me, it was more of a chore to get it done. I was so exhausted Saturday night after leaving the hospital and Sunday wasn't much different, so I nixed any traditional Easter meal and made crepes. I was temped by cold cereal, but the guilt got me just a little. I didn't even get out the Nutella [Gasp]. I told the boys their only option was syrup. I was that tired.

Today I packed another suitcase to relieve Ryan at the hospital. But I packed not knowing if I'd be home in 1 day or 12 days, pending a possible transfer to UCSF to continue his antibiotics and then the antibody therapy. Ryan repeated our plea to the doctor this morning that we could handle IV antibiotics at home. The doctor agreed as long as the pending culture was negative and UCSF agreed.

William arrived home late this afternoon! He and the boys bolted from the car to find their tennis rackets and ran out into the front yard/street (we live on a court) to play. It seemed wrong to go from laying in a hospital bed, unable to leave his room, to running all over the place outside. It was beautiful! Even the home health nurse commented how good he must be feeling when she came over to show me how to administer the antibiotics with a syringe pump.

William and I head to SF in the morning for another bone marrow biopsy and other labs. I think I'll love the drive even more knowing we get to return home in the evening.

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  1. No wonder home, family and sleeping in ones' own bed are so comforting. Tennis rackets sound like the boys are getting preppy! Just one step below golf clubs! So glad to hear Will has energy to play-that's a great sign the little boy can overcome the patient role. Love to all the tennis players!