Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There's A Party Going On Right Here


So we celebrated with food! It's what we do. Besides, William lost a pound last week (totally normal for appetite to decrease during radiation). The rest of the boys requested that In 'N Out not be an option. Oh, what does that say about our lives? So William requested a marinated flank steak, rosemary-garlic potatoes, broccoli, and chocolate cake. I agreed and it was all a success due to the unfortunate lack of leftovers. I didn't take a picture of our dinner because it disappeared too quickly. However, I did confirm that layered cakes and I don't mix. No matter how I try and trim and level, my top layer always begins to slide. Oh well, that's why I have boys. They will never fully appreciate the cosmetic appearance of my cakes. After struggling with the "Leaning Tower of Cake", I bagged the idea of piping a radioactive symbol on the top. We went with the always pleasing glow sticks!

In other exciting news...

We'd like to thank the amazing Hakes family for providing a good workout for William and a lot of fun for all the boys---all 6 of them! It snowed! Right in the middle of our front lawn. Thanks for the laughter!

Yes, we have a trampoline in our front yard.


  1. Man, that looks fun. I wish we had nice green grass under our snow too!

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone in the Lame Layered Cake Bakers Club. I just can't get mine to look right, either. Which is why I normally go for the Bundt cake...from a box, of course! (And even those sometimes stick to the pan.) We must be cut from the same cloth. :-)

  3. congratulations!!! awesome cake!

  4. We never saw Will glow in the dark-the glow rods were very creative! We're so glad that the process is getting simpler, and that the boys continue to have lots of fun together!! Nobody around here likes snow in the front yard, at this time of year--or the fact that it still gets in the 20's-30's at night! AHHHH-Spring! Will looks great. Loves to all the snow bunnies!