Monday, September 12, 2011

Farewell, Broviac

You will not be missed.

It is done. It is out. Hooray. Hooray. Hooray.

Sunday morning the doctor removed William's broviac in a quick procedure. The black line on the tubing is a thread that was about 1/4" outside his body. The red mark is a cuff that was just under his skin and secured the broviac in place. The surgeon made a small incision to his existing hole to detach the cuff and then pulled it out. I am amazed at the length of tube in his body. It wasn't what I had pictured in my mind. No stitches were used to close the wound. A simple dressing was put on it and we were told the skin would seal in about two days and at that point he could finally swim.

Due to the infection, he has to remain at the hospital for 48 hours after the procedure to receive I.V. antibiotics. He now has an I.V. in his hand and is not a fan, but it's better than the alternative. He will hopefully be discharged on Tuesday.

Let the countdown to a lot of splashing begin!


  1. Fabulous news!! We love you.

    the Coverts

  2. Woohoo! Now feel better quick William!

  3. Hurrah! And holy moly...that's one serious contraption he had in/on him! Hope the hospital stay flies by. Love you!

  4. Doing a happy dance in NC! So excited for William and your family! Hope the hospital stay is a mere blink of the eye and that happy water days are ahead! Love you and appreciate your diligence in keeping all of us that love and pray for you guys updated! Stay strong!

  5. Yippee! csn't wait to be with you and to see the "no broviac" boy. That is a serious length of tubing. Lots of love--to all of you. Disneyland here we come!

  6. I'm on the lookout for fat singing women here in NJ, but in the meantime am doing some major "hallelujahs" in your behalf! I'm not skinny, so maybe that counts? We'll keep praising and praying. Go William!