Friday, September 9, 2011

It Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Lady Sings

Wanted: One singing fat lady

William has been more tired this week than I remember after past treatments. It's hard know whether to attribute this to his treatment, school, or a little of both. He has also had pain in his sternum and shoulder. This pain is likely due to the GMCSF injections he has been getting nightly to stimulate white blood cell production so his body can attack any cancer cells that the antibody treatment flagged as bad. Bone pain is a common side effect. So are fevers.

Last night he spiked a 101.4 degree F fever which necessitated a call to UCSF and confirmed the assumption that we were headed to the hospital to get a dose of antibiotics. William and I headed to the ER around 11:30 pm. It is a sad commentary on this lifestyle when I was actually glad it was happening in the middle of the night because it created the least amount of disruption to our family. And it's pathetic that I didn't even pack a "just in case" bag since I was that confident of exactly what the treatment plan would be. I just grabbed my purse, book, phone charger, hospital notebook/briefcase, and William. I really shouldn't be so confident. Have I really not learned that yet?

Thankfully, as expected, labs and blood cultures were drawn and a dose of antibiotics was given. The best part was our favorite nurse, Lynn, was the charge nurse on the oncology floor last night. She came to the ER and took care of us the whole time since the ER was a little busy and they also aren't trained for dealing with broviacs. Plus, she was stuck on one level of Angry Birds and needed William to help move her progress along. It was a hard sell to get him to agree to that! ha! Thanks, Lynn, for the great company and personalize treatment! It was like having our own private nurse! We all need one of those. Especially in an ER!

We returned home around 3:30 am and I counted my many blessings that it was Friday. We are going to have a low key day around here.

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  1. I can't wait until the fat lady sings -- and I can't believe that through everything you can still laugh! Go William! Love - Aunt Molly