Sunday, March 13, 2011

Donut Dash III

On Saturday, March 19th, 2011, Ryan will be running with a good friend from our college days, Amy, in the annual Donut Dash. The race benefits the Child Life Program at Sutter Children's Center in Sacramento. It is a 4 mile race through the beautiful, shady neighborhood of Land Park. The race is a 2 mile run, jog, or walk to Marie's Donuts, eat 4 donuts (or 6 donut holes) and then 2 miles back. You can find all the details at Oh, and you can just donate to the program too if you don't want to run or eat donuts! But where's the fun in that?

We LOVE the Child Life Program and owe an enormous amount of happiness to them. It is the Child Life program that has provided many toys, blankets, art projects, movies, music, Wii tournaments, and various incentives to help motivate William through some crummy days. They've also been an incredible support system to me and Ryan as we also had some crummy days. We adore our Child Life friends and will always be grateful for the special roles they've played in our lives. Millie, the dog, is a part of the Child Life Program too. It is truly remarkable to witness the joy and sense of calm she brings to William and the other children.

I'll be cheering from the sidelines with the rest of the boys (William can't be in crowds so he'll likely be absent). Amy's been training on the treadmill. Ryan just started his training yesterday by bringing home donuts for breakfast! Go TEAM!


  1. Such a great cause and a great program! Bummer that William won't be able to be there :(, but he will certainly be there in spirit with his name on ALL of the t-shirts!! :) With as tricky as my training has been since I had a bout with a stupid stomach bug a couple of weeks ago, my time might have been better spent employing Ryan's method of training! :) See you all in a few days! <3

  2. I will show my support by eating as many donuts as possible this Saturday - I can't promise any running though...

  3. Hope the run/doughnut eating went well today, you were all in our family's thoughts! Hoping William's treatment is going well and that you are all being strengthened! lots of love and prayers!

  4. We love you and are thinking of you and praying for you all. We'd love to hear how the Donut Dash was yesterday and how you are. Hugs from cousins in VA!