Sunday, March 6, 2011

To my friend...

I think about blogging every day. I have plenty to blog about. I'm just so tired every night.

Here's how William spent Saturday afternoon (after a couple hours of Wii).

Being with James makes him feel normal and forget about things that have changed. While I was discussing our family with a nearby mom, William chimed in, pointing to James, "Some people think we're brothers, because we look alike, but we're not." I love that he doesn't realize that James has grown a foot, gained 30 lbs., and has enough hair for the both of them.

Cancer update:
  • Monday morning we meet with the radiation oncologist to be presented with his radiation plan. Assuming we accept it (duh), we'll get the tour of the machine and initial measurements will be taken for his positioning, etc.
  • CT, bone scan, MIBG scan, and bone marrow biopsy to be scheduled soon. Hopefully this week, but I have yet to be notified of appointment times. Yes! I love living like this.
  • I continue to draw his blood at home for labs and Ryan drops them off at the hospital. This eliminates unnecessary exposure to harmful germs at the clinic.
  • Still waiting for the ANC >1000 to start radiation. The ideal window to begin radiation is by March 14th.
So, my friend, you can stop the calls and texts with idle threats and complaints of having to look at "Derby Days" another day. But don't stop calling and texting because you make me laugh. I'll text you now to let you know this post is up!


  1. Rule #1: never reward bad behavior, especially mine! I love the post. We are lucky to have one another, we haven't run out of topics to discuss yet- by a long shot. In fact, have we ever finished a conversation? Talk to you tomorrow. And I'll text you now. :)

  2. So good to talk to you, and so good to see Will and James together!

    Springtime is baseball season for boys!