Monday, October 24, 2011

Off With Their Hair

Clark's baptism was wonderful and the stress of getting to that point in our weekend was all worth it. We managed to get some more family pictures snapped right before the baptism and right before the hair spray in William's hair probably wore off in my attempts to keep as much hair on his head. It was so great to have my brother and sister and their families there and a cousin and her family and so many dear friends in attendance. Clark, we love you and are so very proud of your decision to be baptize a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

The last weekend item: a head shaving party! Isn't that what boys love to do? However, my youngest still puts up a good show of not giving into peer/sibling pressure.

Let's first make it clear that I did not shave my head and never had any intention to do so. William even asked me not to. I guess it's one thing to adjust to a bunch of bald boys, but mom is a different story. It was all about camaraderie, not shock value! Ryan and the first 4 boys went under the clippers. Here are some shots of the fun. William wanted to go in stages.


  1. Congratulations to Clark...what a great day!

    Your boys all look GREAT with buzzed heads. And I'm sure Soren would too if he'd do it but we love him anyway. ;)

    You're in our thoughts and prayers every day. Love you all!

  2. Love the pictures! Clark and Ryan on the baptism day are wonderful, and so are all the short haired handsome boys. It's kid of like when Chad Ryan and Mitch all grew beards begfore you got married, right? It can be a male thing. You've had a busy weekend! Hope that the next few days are fun. Love and hugs to all-

  3. Murdocks! It's been awhile since we've joined in to check on your family. We have moved to Cheyenne so Aaron can prepare for graduate school. Luke Milmont is the kids' dentist, so as I talked with him I thought, "I've got to touch base with the Murdocks!" Exciting for Clark to be baptized! Your pictures are wonderful and as always you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love you guys!
    -The Turners