Friday, October 7, 2011

Small Miracle and Tender Mercy

After much prayer and soul searching, Ryan and I decided on a chemotherapy option, a plan similar to what he's already gone through, but a slightly different cocktail since the cancer has already proven resistant to previous treatment. This option is also the recommendation of our oncologists. All our options are a bit of a Hail Mary, but every once in a while one is successful. Proceeding with this option doesn't rule out our other options nor decrease the quality or quantity of his life. We have felt impressed that we need to fight for now and demonstrate our faith by truly placing his life in God's hands. What better place could any of us be?

Chemotherapy began last night (Thurs) and will continue for 4 more days. We hope for discharge by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Then we'll wait for his lovely curly hair to slowly fall out again and the cycles of neutropenia to recommence. Ugh.

This morning we experienced what feels like the first good news, a small miracle, and a definite tender mercy. The final results of his bone marrow biopsy are negative. The bone marrow is not involved this time around. This doesn't change his course of treatment or prognosis, but it makes treatment a little less complicated with one less thing to battle. It is also a bit of a relief not to have to go through transplant again. He still has one batch of stem cells in the bank, but that may need to be used if he undergoes the MIBG therapy again.

William's buddies, James and Zak, both visited today and spent quality wii time together. I even enjoyed some adult conversations with their parents and even some fresh air while walking to Selland's. Thanks, Lisa, for the walk that didn't even come close to burning the calories we inhaled, but the sandwich was scrumptious!

No tears have been shed today ('cause we ran out over the past few days) and we are moving forward, taking one day at a time, and being grateful for that day.


  1. I read your blog at 12:30 am when I was awake asking the pork sandwich if it planned to digest itself anytime soon. 7:30 now and I'm pretty sure it's still sitting in my stomach. So rich but totally worth it. I see it as a challenge. We will try every sandwich on the menu.

  2. The Kims want to visit your home when William is discharged. Perhaps next Sunday unless you do not want any guests when Wlliam is Neutropenic. We completely understand. We will make sure the girls are not sick and vigilantly keep their hands washed and/or use Soapopular.

    We love you guys!

    Scot, Tammy, and the girls

  3. I'm home from Boise and have had time to think and drive. Glad to catch up with your posts and hear things from your perspective, not Chad's not Ryan's. not that they are different. Perhaps it is just that you are more articulate and sensitive in your viewpoints. Love to all. Grandpa Chad is a good do-bee as well as a good listening ear. Wish I could be there too.

  4. love you guys! i wish i were closer so that i could make you dinners and clean your house and shoulder any possible chores. i even made a dinner menu in my mind. happy to hear the good news, and praying for you all.

  5. our prayers and faith are with you!!! Love you julie, Ryan William and boys!! Xoxo katie jepsen

  6. We had dinner with Danny & Sarah and the Zimmers yesterday and had some tears talking about William's latest news. Our thoughts and hearts and prayers are with you. William is remembered every day in our kids' prayers as well.

    Dave and Jennie

  7. You are always in our thoughts and prayers from afar. Never too much of a good thing, right? Hugs to you all, Liz (Grandpa Chad's cousin)

  8. Julie, my name is Traci and I'm the IV nurse that was working on William's broviac today. I was researching neuroblastoma and googled his name and I found your blog. Wanted you to know I've been praying like crazy for William, and along with my family we will continue to do so.