Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year. could I please have two hours to take my dear friends to lunch?  If you could arrange for a wonderful uncle to arrive and wrangle five boys and allow us that time together, it would make this holiday very special.  It may seem like two hours is a long time for lunch, but my friend Julie and I can't hardly finish one story together in an hour each day.  We talk often, but I miss seeing her smiling face.  I miss seeing her sad, silly, and especially frustrated faces too.  We do enjoy one another's struggles together.  I can't wait for her to get back home.

I haven't been more naughty than usual this year so I am really hoping I am still on your list.  And my friend has been as wonderful and nice as usual and she should enjoy a wonderful lunch at my favorite place.

Please give my best to to Mrs. Claus and the elves and reindeer.  I know it is a busy time of year for you all, I appreciate you taking the time to read my letter.

Still believing,


  1. I know a guy on the inside and close to Santa in his workshop. I'll have my people talk to his people. We've got to make this happen!

  2. I think you've got a few angels on your side as well. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later--we'll be here probably through Wednesday or Thursday, and the "source" reports that the Murdock family will be returning tomorrow night. Perhaps Santa has provided TWO babysitters for the brood so you and Julie, and even perhaps your husbands can bond again.