Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hot Stuff

It is done. He has received his I-131-MIBG treatment and now we wait for the radiation to wear off.

It's been a day of brain overload trying to assimilate a crash course in nuclear medicine and radiation safety. So enjoy the slide show because I'm too tired to come up with any additional commentary. However, I must add, for pure recollection purposes, the Bingo game.

The pediatric patients get to play Bingo every Thursday afternoon. Some group or person from the community hosts it each week. This week was the San Francisco Fire Dept. It is broadcast over closed circuit television so all the kids that can't make it to the playroom can participate. Everyone gets a prize and the prizes are fantastic. The playroom looks like a toy store. William was so excited. However, the game started at about the same time his infusion was starting. William's room was buzzing with activity. William can tune out anything and was completely focused on the Bingo game. The nurse was monitoring his vitals closely and all of the sudden his heart rate jumped from 113 to 138 and William shouted, "Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!" And fumbled for the telephone receiver to call in his Bingo. It was hilarious and gave us all a good laugh.

Back to the slide show:

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  1. What a cool setup! It's heartwarming how much effort goes into making the hospital experience as bearable as possible for the kids. William, Julie, and Ryan -- we pray for you every day and in the temple too. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts -- they're good for all of us! We love you!!!!! Doug & Kathy