Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Down By The Bay

We made it to San Francisco. It's been a busy day and full of fun memories. We're exhausted and have a long day ahead so here's a quick recap.
  • Ran into our friend Will H. who is 18 and has lymphoma. He is from Folsom too, but gets all his treatments here in San Francisco. It was so great to finally meet his mother as we've only talked on the phone and emailed. I love how small the world feels sometimes. Will finished his last round of chemo today! Hang in there, Will! You've come a long way!
  • Met with the doctors and gave our final consent for treatment.
  • Toured the lead-lined room. Can't wait to get pictures and possibly video of this one. They've lined the room with plastic for protection, i.e. floors, food tray, mattress, toilet seat. But it is a room with view: Golden Gate Park and the ocean in the distance.
  • Checked into a hotel for tonight. The reservation was made during a stressful moment, while running late to leave the house, and as a recommendation from the social worker. She said it was the closest to the hospital with a hospital discount since the Family House was full and was adequate depending on your comfort level. That should have been a red flag, but we made our own hasty choice and now we're sleeping in it (but only for 1 night)! To my siblings: this is a close second to the hotel in Lake Como, Italy when we tried to be cheap and wished we hadn't.
  • Headed to the Golden Gate Bridge for sunset.
  • Went to dinner with my brother, Rich, who works in the city. We went to a fantastic Italian restaurant! You've got to love a place where the waiter tells you his mother makes the lasagna and he recommends anything on the menu with meatballs!
  • Took a long walk around the financial district and down to the waterfront.

It was a good day after a lot of the stress and anxieties were settled. I'll let you know tomorrow if Ambien works with the Metro train running all night just outside the window.

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