Thursday, February 3, 2011

BMT Room Tour

The ante room. Looking at the door to the nurses station. This is where the parent eats. We unfold a small folding chair or just stand and watch the nurses out the window...0r they watch us.

The interior door to William's room. The window has the nifty louvers that are between the double paned glass.

Parent quarters. Is it crazy to reaffirm how much I love having a bed?

William's quarters.

Any guesses?

William's view from bed.

View if looking down. It's a cool rooftop. Too bad the mental health hospital patients are the only ones with access.

View looking left. The bay is in the background. It's the portion in between the two bridges. Bay bridge to the right, Golden Gate to the left.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Rich! Hope you had a great one today!


  1. Wow! What nice accommodations! I bet having the bed for yourself is the best part (instead of a broken down old sleeping chair). Will is in my thoughts all of the time! Good luck!

    Kim and Tyler Armstrong

  2. Now how backward is that? The mental health patients have roof access? Hmmmm. And am I the only one who thinks that Rich is not aging?

  3. We commented last night that this time Willima's hospitalo stay will be the longest he has had. He's all ready passed the lengthy time it took for diagnosis. Good thing he's got a room with a view. Sunshine and love help everyone feel better. We love being here in the sunshine and the love. Hopefully Will feels the same benefit. Always thinking of him--Doritos are on their way.
    Grandma M