Saturday, February 12, 2011

Head Shots

William has managed to keep the fevers at bay since the first one a few days ago. However, he teetered quite close to the official fever reading throughout last night. The mouth sores appear to be healing as he was able to drink a whole Capri Sun last night. The doctor described that as "impressive." Oh, it's the little things! His blood counts still haven't started their recovery, but the doctor is hopeful that his daily blood test will soon show some white blood cells since obviously something is helping the mouth sores to heal.

One thing that is becoming concerning is his fluid intake vs. output (aka how much he is peeing). He is receiving quite a bit of intravenous fluids, but for some reason his body is retaining much of the fluid. The concern, although not great at the moment, is his kidney function. Typically, a medication, Lasix, is administered to help flush the system, but it is particularly hard on the kidneys and since he has just one, they have tried to delay giving it, until today. He received albumin which helps the cells in his body absorb and fill with fluids. Next, he received Lasix. And hopefully that does the trick and lets the peeing begin. I never thought motherhood would consist of so much examining and analyzing of bodily fluids. Our nurse laughed when William came out of the bathroom announcing he needed Miralax. What 9 year old kid requests Miralax? Mine does. He also requests morphine instead of Tylenol for pain. Oh my.

Yesterday he woke up quite itchy all over his face. His pillow was covered in fine, short hairs. The hair loss is in full swing. Last night before his bath, he opted to have me shave everything else off since he was shedding like a cat. So once again, he is bald. It was much less traumatic this time around, thank goodness. Now he just complains about the patchy stubble when I stroke his head.
Before and After


  1. Willy, you have one nicely shaped head! Grandma Bennion would be proud. We love you so much and Eliza sends a slobbery kiss. Have a Happy Valentine's Day and stay out of trouble. Much love, M & E & E

  2. Will- Should I look for an Elvis wig for you? You're still a hunka hunka burnin love--with or without hair!! Happy Valentines Day sweetheart. You are a smart good kid I LOVE!!!
    Grandma M