Saturday, February 19, 2011


William arrived home Friday night!

We are exhausted, but sooooo happy to be home.

An enormous THANK YOU to the wonderful women who helped me clean and sanitize the house for William's arrival!


  1. YEAY!!! Welcome home, William! What a huge accomplishment. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your time home!! I've been praying and thinking of you all so much!


  2. I wish this had a "like" button as they do on FB. I am SO thrilled to have read this news. How wonderful to be together in your own home again. So happy for you!!

  3. Congratulations William and family! We have been thinking of you daily, and are glad to hear you made it home. We totally get it about the panic of "what do you mean we are going home today?" That happened to us when we got to leave after our 3 month stay. Its silly, but you get used to the crazy routine, and when it is time for some normalcy, your brain goes on the fritz! We're so happy for you guys and sending warm thoughts and wishes your way.

    Love, the Pihl Family (Spencer, Emily, W.C., etc.

  4. welcome home, william!! such fantastic news!