Monday, February 7, 2011

I Wanna Happy Button

Today I pulled out another toilet and dislodged a toy, again! It was ridiculously stuck, requiring a lot of yanking and pliers to get it loose. Seriously? I think I've lost count how many times I've done that in the past year or so, but I think 5 times sounds about right. And what is with my boys? At least this time was a little different. I topped it off by wrenching my back in the process when lifting the toilet from the tub back to the floor. I spent most of the afternoon flat on my back and even resorted to consuming my last muscle relaxer. I've been hoarding that pill for the past 2 years, waiting for a special occasion like today. Sad day.

But it was a happy day for William. The sores in his throat are worsening (how is that happy? read on...). After two unsuccessful doses of morphine this morning just to ease the pain enough to eat, he was granted a PCA, Patient Controlled Analgesia, a happy button. When he feels any pain, he pushes the button and gets a small dose of morphine. Obviously, there are parameters set on his pump so he doesn't overdose, but his pain is more effectively managed. Also, he will begin TPN and lipids tonight (I.V. nutrition). The doctor described him this morning as his most boring patient. That's what we like to hear! William is quite homesick, but he maintains his happy, pleasant nature that he's always had. I guess if you look at it in a warp sort of way, he lives a charmed life--a room with a view, multiple remotes in close proximity, nutrition pumped directly into the bloodstream, a button for instant pain relief, doting adults at his beck and call....


  1. Quite a woman you are! Heaving toilets around! Hang in there...BORING is good!

  2. We haven't checked your posts for awhile. It sounds like your boys are keeping you more than busy. They can be so cute yet so mischievous (coming from a mother with plenty of experience with boys!). We love you guys and tell Will we love him too!

  3. Check out Glutamine for the mouth sores. I'm not sure what they allow for him right now but I've heard this helps. I'm so glad to hear that Will is a boring patient! That's awesome news!!!

    Kim and Tyler Armstrong