Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Day, Another Discharge

For all you out there that may suffer from occasional anxiety when I don't post each night: deep breaths, in and out, one more time, now go find some chocolate! The guilt eats away at me, but then my head hits the pillow and it all slips away. Blogging is a responsibility I take seriously. If anything earth-shattering happens during the day, I will always post. Well, that depends on my exhaustion!

With that said, we are slated for discharge, hopefully early this afternoon. With Herculean effort, actually it's just counts on the rise and a blood transfusion, William fought off all fevers and met the criteria to head home! (Little happy dance!) His CBC (blood count labs) came back this morning and he will need a platelet transfusion, but unlike the 3-4 hours it takes to get blood, platelets take 30-60 minutes. I'm excited to see the platelets since the nurse described them as looking like caramel/butterscotch. Ewww, right? I'll take a picture.

As mentioned above, William received a blood transfusion yesterday. Transfusions are a magic drug. Seriously. Talk about an upper! He was out of bed (literally stood on his bed trying to---I don't know what, but he stood on it) and very, very chatty. When his night nurse, Lisa, came on shift, she was laughing because he was such a different William than the night before. Per William's request (and his rising white blood cells), we finally got to walk past the glass isolation doors and take a long walk around the floor. He specifically wanted to see the kitchen and refrigerator. I know, the hospital is so exciting!

The other cause of excitement was visitors. Finally! And they came bearing Jamba Juice! Thanks Whites! What could be better than that? Oh, wait....they came with the knowledge to advance to the next levels of Lego Harry Potter on the DS. (Thanks Bishop White and the online world of video game walk-throughs!) William concluded his day with quite the MarioKart tournament with James. The two of them have been asking daily when they could play video games together again. And this has been going on for over a week. Oh, the torture (for boys and moms).

Hopefully the next post will come from the comforts of my own bed---unless I fall asleep first!


  1. Yea -- happy news!! I'm so glad things are brighter today and that home is on the near horizon. Nothing better than that! You are in our constant thoughts and prayers (Rebecca gives a lenghty request on William's behalf in EVERY prayer, meals included, and even goes so far as to ask that the "doctors will be nice to him"). We hope William (and you) can enjoy being home ALL week this week! Hugs!!

  2. Hope that the getaway was slick, and the car was driven by a handsome tall guy! I know how pleasant it is to be back at home in your own bed- for all three of you. You're learning about more blood components than I thought it was possible to test for- let alone get transfusions for. We are counting down the days until Stacy's wedding, because that means we'll see the four brothers, and then a few days later, Ryan. And then a few days later than you and Will. We love you all so much!