Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Picture Time

A picture is worth a 1000 words. Right?
Here's to saving some time.

William wanted to share his Bendaroos creation. It's an ice cream sundae.

Platelets. Looks like caramel.

Me and William
(for those of you I've never met, Hello! Now you have a face with a name.)

Nightly MarioKart racing with Daddy

And William only wanted to eat spaghetti noodles with butter. Weird. I'm not sure if I should admit Ryan and I inhaled that entire pizza. Does the fact it was thin crust make it any better? It was delicious and no, it was definitely not from the hospital!

Playing with fire is always fun!

William and his roommate, William, in the playroom for Wonderful Wii Wednesday!


  1. Why ford Ryan look like he is growling? LOL


  2. Okay, what happened there... that was supposed to read "why does ryan look like he is growling?" Sorry.

  3. Thank you for sharing all the photos. That bendaroos sculpture looks SO delicious! We think of you daily, pray for you daily, and I'm grateful for your daily sharing of your experiences and insights. Lots of LOVE to you all! -Becca

  4. I love reading all your updates and am thinking of you everyday. I love the picture of you and William. I would love your tiny waist! :) Hang in there Julie!!

  5. Will is SO creative! Bendaroos sound /look fun! You are all SO dear to me! Can't wait to see you soon-but it won't be soon enough!

  6. Hey- I just noticed the Harry Potter pillow-
    expeleramous to all the cancer cells !!

  7. what an awesome guy. we love william and all of you so much. keep hanging in.