Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Kind of Slow Paced Day

Today was surprisingly slow paced. William slept until 10:30 AM and spent most of the day on the couch playing video games, sleeping, and hanging out with me. He had a bit of a fever last night, but not enough to admit him and the doctor said just to keep an eye on it. William was a little more tired today, but who could blame him? Playing the Wii can be a workout!!

I spent a few minutes in the garden picking basil to keep it from flowering. I typically cook with a lot of fresh basil, especially in the summer. But, I haven't been cooking much or for such a crowd lately. So I picked a bunch and made a bunch of pesto to freeze. Then I had the novel idea of actually cooking something nice for Ryan and me since leftovers are getting old. So I got out some french bread and tomatoes and started dreaming of bruschetta, pesto, homemade croutons, scalloped tomatoes, the cucumber from the garden....

I paused and took William's temperature: 100.8. I called the doctor, cleaned the kitchen, packed the suitcase and we headed off to the hospital. Again. But the pace was slow. I didn't stress because I know the drill all too well. William was sad to be admitted, but he also is all too familiar with the process and didn't put up much of a stink. Ryan picked up some take-out for us and William made a request for a cheeseburger. Not quite the meal I was salivating for, but perhaps in 48-72 hours.

We have a private room. WHOOOHOOO! It almost feels like a little vacation to have a private hospital room. Oh, what a sad commentary on our lives.

Here are a few comic relief William-isms of the day:

William and I were flipping the TV channels and I stopped to watch the last 15 minutes of a countdown of the most expensive Super Sweet Sixteen parties. It is seriously crazy what kids and parents do for these parties.

William: "Why did they just buy jewelry for that much money when they could have bought a house for the same price?"
Me: "Good question."
William: "Will you and Daddy do me a favor and save some money for my 16th birthday party? And can I invite more than 12 friends?"
Me: Trying not to laugh, "We'll see. You can have a party for sure, but it probably won't be like the one on TV."

William: "I'm sleepy."
Me: "I know. The morphine I gave you makes you sleepy."
William: "I like drugs that make me sleep because sometimes I just need a little rest."
Me: "Me too!"


  1. Love the William-isms! Here's one of my favorites.

    Me: William, how was school today?
    William: School was fine. But. . . (an exasperated sigh)
    Me: Was it a tough day?
    William: No. But, can I tell you about the last month of school instead?

    That boy then continued to tell me about all the field trips, teachers retiring, and everything else neat he had done in the month of May. He can be a talker!

    We love you, William, hope you are happy, and hope you enjoy your short "vacation" at the hospital.

  2. I hope the visions of Pesto make the day(s) shorter. Especially after hospital food the fresh stuff from the garden is tantilizing. Also glad to hear that Will is gaining weight! Keep up those good infusions of In-N -Out and shakes! Am counting down the days to see the little boys, Ryan, and then you and Will again.
    Love you both-your prep for the hospital makes me think you're intrepid! Loves- Remae/Grandma

  3. love you and thinking of you in the hospital... soooo glad you are in a private room! answers to prayers ;)
    love you all lots,