Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holding Pattern

Delayed. We got the call Friday afternoon that the bone marrow harvest won't happen until after the next cycle of chemo, pending all test results. So our lives continue as expected, unable to plan for anything. However, after the call, Ryan and I still couldn't resist whipping out our calendars and counting out days for the possibilities of when things will happen next cycle. The most frustrating aspect is that our boys are with their grandparents this month so we could get this crossed off our list and be able to keep a more sanitary environment in the process. The good thing is after counting out our days, with the delay, William will likely be admitted to UCSF about the same time the boys come home and Ryan's parents will be staying that week when they bring them home. So the cross-contamination thing shouldn't be an issue and we'll have help with the rest of the family without having to coordinate their care on a daily basis.

Our plans for the holiday weekend:
-Enjoy being home
-Do fireworks
-Play video games
-Stay out of the hospital
-Try to get some restful sleep


  1. Hooray for sleep and eat! That is the basis for getting healthy. We will be doing the same as you guys this weekend (no video games involved, though) and doing yard work. We miss you, and are counting the days until Stacy's wedding, because that will bring having everyone together little by little. I had a funny thought/memory of Soren this morning at breakfast, and really wished I could give that little guy a hug. Miss hugging my big William too!

  2. happy fourth guys! we love you so much!!

    rachel says: "i love you so much i hope you feel better. you are so special"

    soren says: "i wub you because you are the best"

  3. Good luck on your list of things to do this weekend. Hope you get some restful sleep and that everyone- mostly William will have some good eats this weekend.
    Audrey Cox

  4. Holding pattern? To me, that implies doing nothing- you will still be fighting cancer all month! James is already asking if William's counts are back up so put that on your list too! And add "provide plumbing technical support" to the list. Happy 4th!

  5. Hi Julie and family--

    I get updates from Paige and check the blog regularly--and you are in the thoughts and prayers of everyone at our house this fast Sunday, and everyday! Love coming at you from every direction!

    Much much love,
    Jennie Holman Blake and family