Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Few Surprises---Some Good, Some Not So Good

One of the nurses told us that sometimes the Cisplatin, the highly nauseating chemo drug William just received, can have a cumulative effect. William did so well in the hospital, I was afraid of that. Of course, he didn't really eat anything in the hospital and received all fluids via his I.V. He's managed to throw up 3 times today---basically everything he's had today. I called his doctor and he increased the frequency which I can give William his Zofran. Last night we didn't wake William to give him his Zofran, and he threw up shortly after he woke up. Tonight I'll be setting my alarm to give him his meds throughout the night. This is when I wish we were in the hospital and a nurse could take over the night shift.

William has been pretty tired today, but has had a few semi-perky moments. He enjoyed playing Wii with James for a bit tonight and James did a great job encouraging William to eat a piece of pizza. William succeeded in eating one piece over the course of an hour or so. And oh, how quickly it can come back up.

The other excitement of the day came when we discovered 2 watermelons growing in our garden. I am growing the watermelons on a trellis and they are just hanging there. It's a beautiful sight! I'll be putting a pair of my old nylons to good use by creating a little sling for them.

Ryan left for San Diego today to meet up with his parents and our children for his family's reunion. So I'm on my own with William. We are planning to have some fun this week if we can manage to stay out of the hospital. So we'll try to start cramming things in early in the week. But given his energy and appetite, the fun may be along the lines of Redbox rentals and maybe another drive-in movie. We typically land back in the hospital by Wednesday. I have our suitcase for the hospital repacked already since I won't have the luxury of sending Ryan home to get what I forgot.

Ryan and the boys are so happy to be together! Ryan reports the boys are quite tan and have turned into little fishes from their swimming lessons. Even Soren just jumps in the water and swims. We are all getting very anxious to finally be together as a family! A quiet house still makes me nervous!


  1. They are fishes and comics ! We have been kept in stitches by Soren and Clark. And oh, what a houseful of boys we had tonight eating chocolate ice cream cones! We miss having you and Will (and the NYC duo) with us, though.
    Love, Remae and Chad

  2. i love you julie, william, ryan, clark, nathan, cameron, and soren!! we pray for you and think about you every day. congrats on being to the halfway point of chemo. you can do this! down with the doohickey!
    we love you!!!!
    cousin katie