Monday, September 6, 2010

Brief Rundown

  • very tired
  • battling nausea
  • finally arrived home around 7 pm
Clark, Cameron, Nathan, Soren
  • glad to have William home
  • loved going out for donuts for breakfast
  • enjoyed the evening swimming at the neighbors home
Ryan and Julie
  • very tired
  • so glad to all be home together for a bit
  • very tired (deserves being listed twice!)


  1. It should be noted that Clark, Cameron, Nathan, and Soren are NOT tired when we all wish they were.... haha. Love your kids energy, I'm kinda going through withdrawls of it actually. ha ha

  2. Ryan and Julie-ready for sainthood and a good rest
    William-ready for a good rest
    Grandma-ready for any of the boys anytime!