Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hoping for an Uneventful Sleep

Continuing the theme of lack of sleep in recent blogs...

The vomit caught up with William last night/morning at 4 AM. I set my alarm for 4 AM and woke up and gave him his nausea meds. As soon as he swallowed his pill he got his worried look he gets when he doesn't feel right. I hate that look. I see it all too often. He grabbed is bucket and started throwing up. I held him and cleaned him up. A half hour later we tried again to get his meds down. Same response. I hate it when my kids are sick and lay limp in my arms out of exhaustion. He finally settled down and I got him cleaned up again and he said he felt good enough to go back to sleep. I decided to wait on trying to get the pill down, but was nervous the nausea would get ahead of him and I'd be unable to get the pill down later. I lay in bed next to him for the next hour and a half and tried to sleep, but had to check on him every time I heard him move in fear he was reaching for the bucket again. We tried again at 7 AM and were successful. The rest of the day has been a steady improvement with the help of the additional nausea drugs, but we've also stuck with mild foods like toast and water. At least there were calories involved. (I'm getting a little obsessive with food and calories--and not the way normal people are!)

Today's weather was gorgeous and such a teaser for Fall! After the boys all came home from school and William's energy level was improving, he came downstairs and said, "It's so nice outside. I wish I could go outside and play, but I'm too tired and I'd be so cold." He's very sensitive to cold--it's a hair thing! I told him I'd put a bunch of blankets and pillows in the hammock and he could go lie in it. He loved it and stayed there for about an hour. I was jealous! (I was stuck on snack and homework patrol.)

William sees the doctor at the clinic again tomorrow for the latest blood counts. We hope it's a quick in and out visit, but we keep our expectations low and stay prepared to stay longer if he needs a blood transfusion. Hospital admittance is not an option we want to entertain yet. (We haven't recovered from the latest visit yet!)

So here's to the modern miracle of nausea medications and a few good hours of restful sleep.


  1. Julie, my heart goes out to you and your family. We had our baby a couple weeks ago and I thought a lot about William as I was in the hospital. What a challenge for anyone, especially an 8-year old boy. And the lack of sleep? Any mom of a newborn will recall, life is so much easier to cope with when you are well rested. And you are not and continue to forge ahead. I hope quality sleep finds you soon. Until then, remember D&C 84:33 . "For whoso is faithful...magnifying their calling [of motherhood] is sanctified by the Spirit unto the renewing of their bodies." Some days I know this is how I make it through. Good luck. Love you.

  2. Love you. Sending prayers for peace, comfort and a but more deep sleep. :•D

  3. i love that he got to lay in the hammock wrapped up in blankets...that brought a smile to my face. i'll be adding "sleep and rest" to the things we pray for - for you and for william. love you all
    love all of us,

  4. Bless Will's heart! Nausea is a bummer, and especially when it happens repeatedly...and at 4 am. We are thinking and praying for him so hard right now. We know it is hard on you all. I can picture him snuggled up on the hammock. here's to less nausea and more sleep, for everyone. Much love to all of you!