Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking Naps

Each round of chemo takes its toll on our sweet William's body. And each time makes it harder to recover. He seems more frail to me when he is curled up in bed too. His eyebrows are thinning and he is loosing his eyelashes now and has about 5 bottom lashes left on each eye. Today he stayed in bed until dinner time. (Ahh, the life.) He napped off and on most of the day and when he was awake, he had little energy to get up and felt nauseous. We're are keeping ahead of the nausea so far, but the pink bucket is always by his side. It felt good to see him come downstairs on his own and join us for dinner. Dinner also conveniently coincided with a dose of Zofran!

This evening, he also managed a visit to James' house to see the 2 new pet chickens that took up residence in his back yard this weekend. Maybe Lisa will post a picture of them just sitting in front of the coop talking...hint, hint, hint!

The younger boys are becoming more aware of William's illness. We openly discuss his cancer with them, but they are too young to really understand cancer and anticipate its effect on our family. They ask if he's in the hospital, when he will be home, and when he is going back. Soren, our youngest, asks daily if William is home and if we are leaving. They want to go see him wherever he is and want us to stay home. When they make sweet, little comments about missing us or wanting us, it makes it much easier to let things slide off our to do list and just take them in our arms and hold them and play with them. Unfortunately, they are active little boys and we are exhausted parents and we wish they would ask to take naps with us! (Oh, in a perfect world....but then I wouldn't be so tired.)

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  1. Hey Julie,

    I was at the Oakland Temple tonight and was reacquainted with your aunt and uncle Pulleys. I told Kathy that we know you folks and that our Julia is battling Neuroblastoma as well. Love the Temple...

    Scot and Tammy Kim