Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

William update:
-a little nauseated today
-additional drugs have helped
-slept most of the late afternoon since most of the night was spent waking to pee every 2 hours
-starting to feel some of the painful side effects of Vincristine (chemo drug)
-there's a drug for that too
-New roommate
-Also named William
-Also 8 years old
-Both like to play Wii and DS and laugh how both their moms always forget to plug in their I.V.s. Hahaha.

Ryan and I saved a ton of frequent flier miles and money to take a cruise or trip to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary. That was last year. The trip never happened. I convinced my wonderful husband, that I would find more lasting joy in spending most of the money on some remodeling and paint. We sent the boys to Idaho for two weeks and Ryan and I spent a ridiculous number of days painting 22 ft. ceilings and walls. But I love the paint every day and it finally made our new home start feeling like our own. It was actually one of the best anniversaries because we spent so much time together talking, listening to music, and doing things locally like canoeing, going to the drive-in, and taking walks. I assured Ryan that I was not sentimental with numbers or milestones. We could take a trip on our 11th, or 12, or 17th... or not even wait for an anniversary. I'm a good wife like that. But I better get my trip one day!:) (I guess I should say "our" trip!) I think I get that from my mother. I believe she's been waiting for a trip to Hong Kong since the '80's. Their miles kept getting used for boring places like France and Zimbabwe!

Today is our 11th anniversary. It is also the day Lego Harry Potter is released. William has been counting down the days ever since he found out the date several weeks ago. So we are going to celebrate by eating yummy take out and watching William play his new DS game. Like painting the house, it just feels good to be together and focus on loving one another and caring for our son. I can't imagine where I'd rather be or what I'd rather be doing. Okay, that's a complete lie. The list is long before this and this was never on the list. But it's what it is and we'll make the most of it.


  1. Happy anniversary, Julie and Ryan! Julie, it was wonderful to see you in Newport. Love you zillions.


  2. Julie and Ryan - A very happy anniversary to you! I know there are better places you would rather be. I sometimes wonder what lessons we are supposed to learn from all our many tests and trials!!! We just had our 49th the other day, so next year is the big one and I hope a cruise to Alaska!...gotta start saving. We are praying for Will and hope that all goes well w/ all these procedures. Tough thing for an 8 year old to have to go through. What a brave guy he is.

    Love, Nancy & Jerry Jones

  3. Happy Anniversary! We had such a nice time with you on Saturday. We think of William every day and are here if you need anything at the house, etc.
    Valerie & Randy

  4. I remember the day you guys were married. In between the ceremony and the luncheon we took the kids to see opening day of Tarzan for Mason's Birthday. Yes --He is 17 today. It is Amazing how time flies. Here is a cheer for you two on your anniversary and 3 more cheers to William who will be 17 in the near future and you two will be looking back at this time....Amazed at how quickly the time has passed. We love you all so much and are sending our Love from Utah!!! Cousin Jen and Family:)

  5. Happy Anniversary! Glad to hear you're enjoying your time together with special time for William. Hope this second dose goes well. We love you and Eliza misses all the boys already!

  6. Happy Anniversary Julie! Ryan is one lucky man to have you. Hope you had a nice time "celebrating". You're in my thoughts always. Also, I'm so curious about his lemon rice you post about. You know how I am about lemon flavor...if you ever get a second, please e-mail me the recipe:)

  7. Happy Anniversary to two fantastic people! I remember coming to Utah for your wedding...was it really 11 years ago?! Man, I'm getting old! :) Lots of love to both of you, and to William! My prayers are with you.


  8. Sorry I forgot to mention happy anniversary today when we talked! It was a happy day, and there have been many happy, memorable moments since then. We love you both so much, and the 5 wonderful boys through thick and thin.