Thursday, June 24, 2010

Short and Sweet

William was not a fan of the carnation instant breakfast, so we'll have to be more sly to get him to eat it. But he did have enough energy to enjoy a game of croquet this evening with some visitors. It was great to see him playing. Lots of activity and change will take place tomorrow. Grandma is heading back to Idaho in the morning before Will and I head to San Francisco - Will was very sad that she'll be leaving. Thanks for your help Grandma, we love you! Julie will be coming back home tomorrow without the other boys, who will head to Utah with Grandma and Grandpa Bennion. They will have a blast, and we'll miss them a lot. We'll close our eyes and enjoy this weekend before we have to wake up on Monday and head back to round 2 of chemo. Bring on the chemo and let's keep shrinking down the doohickey. I got a shirt for William from a friend at work today that says"I Never Quit." I think that says it all.


  1. You guys have a great weekend. You need to know that there is a YSA ward south of you praying for you. Today, we had a temple trip to LA, and I have heard from 3 different members of the ward that William's name is there, they hoped you wouldn't mind. We pray for you guys. Please know we're pulling for you, and want to help.

  2. Instead of Carnation, is William okay with regular milk? We used to put Nestles Quick into Vitamin D milk for my uncle, and make him vanilla milkshakes and add Ensure for additional nutrients.

    We're thinking of and praying for you guys, even those of us who know you through friends.

  3. William & Ryan- We've missed you at Balboa this year! We're so grateful that Julie and the other boys could be here with us. Thank you for keeping up the blog so we can know what to pray for. We love you all and pray for you every day. Hugs from all the Zimmers to you!