Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Pictures

It's been a while since we posted any pictures so here are a few from this past weekend.

William holding his newest niece, Eliza, after a long day in S.F. Here's his thinning hair too.

"Swimming" at the neighbor's pool. Thanks Swanson's! The swimming was actually standing or sitting on the stairs to keep his broviac clean. You can see some of the bumps from the tubing under his shirt.
This is how Will worked the deep end!

Sunday afternoon Wii tournament. Big thank you to all his friends who gave him the Wii. He was surprised Saturday night with it!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
(post from Lisa and James to come soon with more details!)
And William let me shave his hair with a #1 blade on the clippers. He cried, but then decided he liked it better because it itched less and he didn't have to use the lint roller as much on his pillow and couch.

Sunday afternoon, while video chatting, Uncle Matt shaved his head for William.
The brothers, minus Soren, followed his example (not completely bald, just a #1 blade on the clippers), but not before living it up for a bit with mohawks!
The mohawks came off and Soren still clung to his own sense of style!


  1. will, you look very handsome, with or without hair!

  2. Way to go Murdock boys- (and Matt!) Grandpa will probably not follow suit, at least for a few more years. Bald is cuter on kids and younger guys, and not on those for whom it is inevitable. Much love to my 5 used-to-be-blond grandsons. (and admiration for Matt!!)
    Love, Grandma Maidy

  3. I love everyone's haircuts (or shaves)!! Perfect for summer and so much better than those shaggy hairdos that WERE in style for awhile. Short and clean is in! Kudos to Uncle Matt for supporting Will so wholeheartedly!!