Thursday, June 10, 2010

Horrified Friend Alert

OH MY! Perhaps you checked this blog this afternoon expecting to find an update about William and instead found a blog from me, guest blogger Lisa, about how my family is coping. Perhaps you thought, "How inappropriate is this? Crazy lady posting about HER family?" I can't blame you. I thought I was posting on my own blog. And then later I checked up on William and saw my own post. I am so embarrassed! Please forgive me. I am crazy.

I know Julie is working on a post but this morning she was distracted playing the Wii (slacker). Tonight she was busy urging (hahaha, it was a firm and frustrated fight, but Julie would call it an urging) Will to drink a protein shake (yuck!). So there is no update yet because the boy has energy to test his mother. If you don't know William, you should know he is a smart boy and smart boys test their mothers. Shhhh, don't tell Julie, but I loved sitting outside the hospital the other day talking about all the business William was giving her. You know I love William.


  1. Haha Lisa! (great job at finding a blogger friend Julie! Just kiddin) glad to hear William is better enough to challenge authority! That is an awesome sign! All the best to you guys. We love you!

  2. Lisa, I love that you are such a great friend to Julie and that you, and James, are helping them through this. If you accidentally blogged about your family on this blog, which I didn't see, everyone will forgive you and not even think about it again. You are awesome and are doing what we all wish we could do!!

    Khristine Pettingill (Beth's mom--remember tall Beth from Kindergarten?)