Monday, June 14, 2010

The Letter of the Day is...


Neutropenia- Low white blood cell count. A normal white blood cell count is between 5,000 and 10,000. When the white blood cell count drops below 1,000 cells, the risk of infection increases. Days 7-10 in each chemo cycle are usually when the count drops. Today was day 7 for William so we expected his numbers to start dropping.

Nadir- The lowest level the blood counts reach. ZERO. That was William's count today. So we were on high germ alert since he basically has no immune system at the moment. And I was reminded, yet again, of what I have little or no control over in this journey.

Nausea- What William experienced while eating dinner. This was the first bout since the morning after chemo started. I quickly administered his nausea drug and he's felt better since. (Natalie-your dinner was great! William was eating something else.) Then I told William he was supposed to save that for the pink carpet. He said, "Well Daddy can go pour what's in the bowl on the pink carpet." I'll pass on that one.

Nutrition- The one thing I believe I can control, but since I've been home and been distracted by the rest of my life, I haven't been as vigilant about William's nutrition. I've been thrilled when he's found something he wants to eat, but I've neglected the calorie counting. A portion of a hot dog, a few bites of watermelon, sips of a Jamba Juice, and some lemon rice do not put on pounds. I will repent and be better tomorrow because this skinny little boy of ours can't afford to keep losing any more pounds.


  1. Ncredible--That's my "n" word for your family. You're an nspiration to me as I follow what's going on with William and your lives, and I feel the faith and perspective and hope and love you have. We love you guys and keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. J ust about the most amazing woman i know
    U are doing an incredible job
    L ove you and your fam so much
    I am praying for you all in every prayer
    E mazing (haha, love you)

  3. When this is all over you should go to Med School! I am so impressed with all your knowledge! You are quite the amazing lady.

    Just an FYI: You may know this but Raleys and some other stores sells Jamba Juice Smoothie packs in their freezer aisle and all you do is add juice or milk in the blender. Super Easy. I think they have 3 different kinds. Also Jamba Juice's All Fruit Smoothies are only $1 tomorrow at the actual shop! (Wed)

  4. Praying that his count is back up soon!