Thursday, January 27, 2011

Holding Pattern

Look at the hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes---I love it! And it is soooo soft. And surprisingly, a little darker. But, he'll loose it all next week. I wonder how it will grow back in a few months?

Physically, William is doing great. He continues to eat and get up and move around the room. Emotionally, it's been a tough day. He's been quite homesick. He sobs about wanting to go home, getting out of the room, hating hospitials, etc. Part of the meltdowns and mood swings appear to be tied to one of his medications; he gets hyper and silly and then 2 or three hours later, he starts crying. It's no fun because I don't have much to say to make it better. "I know, but you have 4 days down and only about 25 days to go." I wait for him to finish venting and in the end, through his sobs, he asks me me to just hold him. I do. And I stroke his soft head with my cheek.

He loved video chatting with his East Coast cousins today. The whole EST vs. PST is usually tricky in finding mutually convenient times to chat, but today it was perfect. His meltdown coincided with east coast bedtime. Thanks, Sam, Lauren, and John for cheering up William. (Thanks, Danny and Sarah too, for prolonging your bedtime rituals! I know that can be a sacrifice.)

Ryan is arriving tomorrow to take his weekend shift. Yay! He'll come bearing chocolate. Oh, how did I forget that one?
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  1. Thinking of you daily! Just started putting a Mommy care package together with some European chocolates for ya! I put some games in for William. Should I send it to your house? I'm glad to hear William is doing well under the circumstances. Those darn meds can make anyone emotional! hang in there! Know you are loved by an East Coast family!

  2. William & Julie - we all had a great time chatting with you last night! Just let us know anytime you want to chat. We'll keep working on our funny faces. William's homework is to master the monkey face!

  3. Love that smile!! and the hair and eyelashes! What could be more comforting than a mom's listening ear and lap? Bless you both. Unfortunately there are no gourmet chocolate treats to import from Idaho, (why do you think we always hit Trader Joe's when we come?)
    And I don't think Will would be able to get the snow and cold even if we tried to import it. Counting down the hours until we can become part of the relief team. I'll bet Will's not the only one who is emotional--Love XOXO

  4. He looks wonderful...asbolutely LOVE that picture. You, Ryan, William, & all of yours continue to be in our thoughts and prayers!

  5. oh I'm so sorry to hear about the sobbing. That breaks my heart! You're all in my prayers!