Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nuclear Meltdown

Some days make me crazy. Today made me crazy. I really do pride myself in remaining fairly calm, more or less, (Ryan is rolling his eyes at that one) but even William could tell something was not right today and started to cry, saying, "I'm getting scared" because he knew my stress had something to do with him. I felt so bad and quickly assured him that he would be okay, but I was just frustrated with doctors that were messing up my not-so-neat, but meticulously scheduled week.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this week is full of tests and scans. Monday afternoon, we got a call from a nuclear medicine tech telling us they could not inject William with the MIBG on Tuesday (today) for his scheduled scan on Wednesday (tomorrow) because he had been injected with such a high dose in December. They wanted to do a background scan to assess his radiation levels before injection. Fine. I can live with that, but after the scan he can receive the injection, right? No. After the preliminary scan, the nuclear medicine doctor decided she didn't want to do the scan and wanted to wait a week. Panic hit as I tried to explain that we didn't have a week because he is scheduled for hospital admittance to begin the transplant process on Monday! This Monday! After some frustration, (I'm obviously leaving out some of the details that don't matter now), and several phone calls, S.F. got us into their schedule and will do the injection and scan, but it means I have to drive William to S.F. on Thursday for an injection (we're talking minutes to inject) and then return home and then back again the next day, (Friday) for our consent conference and his MIBG scan. But of course his scan is scheduled during our conference. Thankfully, my amazing family will come to the rescue and my brother, who works in S.F., will take off work to take William to his scan and be with him while we are in our meeting.

So now I'm in the process of reassessing the babysitting needs and double checking it all. I owe enormous Thank Yous to fabulous and supportive family and friends for so often being willing to care for my other children at usually very short notice. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

At this point, it appears his transplant will not be delayed, but it really took villages today to help me keep some semblance of sanity and iron out the wrinkles.

Oh, and did I mention I got a parking ticket too because in my stress I hung my recently expired handicap placard instead of my valid renewed one? Well, I did.


  1. Poor Julie -- a parking ticket would be the last straw for me. They make me crazy and I'm not even under any stress. Molly

  2. We're thinking of you today with your driving and hospital stays, we're wishing that we were there to help and sending all our love your way.
    Dave & Jennie

  3. i can not imagine the stress that you're under and he's under and you're all constantly under. i'll continue to pray for you have have strength and peace and endurance in this unimaginably stressful experience. love you so much jules. hang in there.

  4. You are all in our prayers! Please know you are loved! I hope you can get the rest you need to take care of your sweet angel William. If ever there was a mission companion who could face a trial with faith, perserverance and an optimistic attitude, it is you Julie. Hang in there and know there are prayers for you all over the US and in temples too! Love you! Kristen (sr. dalby)

  5. Thinking of you as you begin this next phase of the journey! Julie, most of us melt down over things that are MUCH LESS important, so don't be too hard on yourself! <3 William (and all you other fabulous Murdocks) will be in my prayers, and PLEASE let me know if I can do anything to help. Lots of loving, healthy thoughts coming from Vegas! <3