Friday, January 28, 2011

Please Mr. Postman, Look and See

William's hospital address:

UCSF Children's Hospital
William Murdock, 7Long BMT Unit
c/o Patient Mail
San Francisco, CA 94143


  1. My kids want to know... can William receive new DS games? Are there any care package dos and don'ts that you would be willing to share?

  2. Hi Denise! So fun to hear from you. I have so many fun memories with your family! William can receive packages. The only contraband items are homemade food items. Food must be sealed in original and individual packages. I have to wipe down everything before it enters the room. Hence, he'll have to watch me open the package through the window in the door.
    Sure fun to see the beautiful picture of your family!

  3. Hi Julie! We've never met in person, but I am married to your cousin Elias Erickson. We've heard about your family and have been praying for William. Jeannie just sent me this link informing me that William will be receiving treatment at UCSF. We live just a few miles from there and so I was wondering if there was anything we can do to help. I don't know if he is up for visitors, or even if you want to swing by to use the shower or have a homemade meal or spend the night - our house is open to you at anytime. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to make your situation more comfortable. - We love you! Brittany 978-302-0015,