Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School

Hi all. Friend Lisa here tonight. Crazy as it may sound, today, August 9th, was our first day back to school. A day of celebration for parents! A day different than all other school days for us- William and James, for the first time, won't be in class together. They have been in class (and Julie and I have been on the phone checking on assignments and field trip dates) since the beginning.
Here is kindergarten:

First Grade (William in front, James in back in the yellow, Mrs. Wilson next to Ryan)And second grade: And today we started third grade-William understands that this is what needs to be done right now and he is resilient and happy. I can see it in the photo of him and James and I hope you can too- I can see the sparkle. He is just looking like himself.
So this is not my plan for the year but this is the plan and we are going with it. James counted the students in his class and he has determined there is room for William. He hears us say Will is half-way done with Chemo and he knows this started at the end of May so he is calendaring his return to school. We respect (and love) a scheduler but we know there are things to accomplish before Will comes back to school so we will hope and pray and wait. Happy 1st day of third grade, whether at the elementary school or school delivered to your door!
And hey, look who I found at school this morning! Clark on his first day. Have a great year Clark, you have grown so much this summer (in many wonderful ways). This photo makes me smile. Yes, all 8 of our kids on the trampoline. How awesome and loud and nerve-racking and sweaty and perfect is that? And here is Dan showing Will how to fire up Angry Birds on his iphone. Just call him "Dan the Media Drug Dealer". Will had so much fun that he would not give it up, had to pry it out of his hands with a promise to visit in the hospital with the iphone.

So we will visit next week and pretend you want to see us, Will. We'll bring the good stuff.


  1. lisa, i'm so grateful julie has you :)

  2. It is WONDERFUL to see that sparkle, isn't it? We saw it Saturday as Will was riding his bike around the cul-de-sac. It is fun to see how the boys have grown-and to know that friends, like families will always be there. Two cute smart third graders, two sets of twins, to engineers, two witty bloggers-what else do you guys have in common?

  3. I don't mean to jump in here uninvited, I am Lisa's friend and used to be neighbor. I have fallen into reading your blog from time to time-from Lisa's blog, and must say I look forward to hearing news about your amazing son. I am glad you are all together to be able gain strength from each other during this battle you are all fighting. Good thoughts from Minnesota and prayers for healing and strength-