Sunday, August 22, 2010


  • Said goodbye to my sister, Angela. Thanks for the help!
  • William got a platelet and a blood transfusion (larger dose this time).
  • Farmed the kids out during church so I could lead the music without distraction, but still cried through the meeting. The talk on patience and enduring was comforting and hard at the same time. One of these Sundays I'll make it through with dry eyes.
  • William was released from the hospital, and came home full of energy. Thanks, blood! His blood counts still show his immune system down, but beginning to recover.
  • Ryan and I are exhausted, but grateful we got out a couple times together in the evenings while Angela was here and before we landed back in the hospital. We're trying to remember that our marriage can't be ignored. I'm glad I married a wonderful man who can handle a lot of neglect!


  1. So glad Angela was there to help...wish I could be there to take her place! Wish that darn state of Nevada wasn't in the way.

    Wonderful to hear that William is home again and doing okay. He's always in our prayers (as are you, Ryan, and the other boys).

    We love you lots and lots. Keep your head up!

  2. Scot and Tammy KimAugust 23, 2010 at 11:03 AM

    Julie, Tammy and I know exactly how you and Ryan feels. We try to spend some quality time together when we can but it is hard (as you would know with little children) to do it all. We are thinking and praying for your sweet family. We pray both our precise children will be healed by his grace and hands.

  3. You are both amazing and wonderful, and we pray for your strength and stamina, mental and physical. Just keep holding hands, sharing kisses and expressing gratitude-it never gets old-and is always validating for efforts which may otherwise go unnoticed. Let us know when Mitch and Hil are planning to come- and count on dad in September as well. Much love to you ALL. (Julie, i keep looking at rugs and pillows-I wish we could shop together---)

  4. along with praying that william will be completely healed we pray for you to have peace, endurance, patience, good health, good medical care, that your family remains healthy and lots of other things that i think about when i put myself in your shoes.
    keep up the good work julie. it leaves me breathless reading what you're doing and experiencing. i love you and i'm praying hard for you all.