Sunday, August 1, 2010


We're off to San Francisco!


  1. Yay! Good news. Not that I expect it to be fun. praying that all goes well in San Fran!

  2. so glad you're on the move and not sitting and waiting...i would think that'd be one of the hardest things about this if i were in your shoes.
    also i had a thought...about your bag packing...what if you went to your cell phone sotre - or better yet - send a friend in your place - and buy an extra cell phone charger. that way you'd always have one at home and one in your bag - and wouldn't need to remember to pull it out of the wall or send some one to go get it for you each time you're on the go.

    i left my cell charger behind for part of my vacation last week and it drove me crazy not having my cell phone...and i'm sure it's paramount for you to have yours at all times.
    so, just an idea :) i wish i could be that friend to go by the phone store and pick it up for you!!!! and if you think of anything i can do - being 2 hours away - please let me know. praying, check. fasting, check. thinking of you and loving you, check check.

    you're the best jules.

  3. when my grandma was sick and lived with us, my mom had to be trained by nurses to do her IV and give her the meds, etc. so reading your blog brings back a lot of memories. it was a really hard time for my mom taking care of her mother in law 24-7. but my mom said she felt my grandma's mom was with her from the other side, helping my mom to take care of her daughter. i know you'll be helped from the other side, too!

  4. Julie--
    Lindsay N. told me about your situation when it first began a few months ago and I have been following your blog religiously. You, your son, and your family have been in my prayers and thoughts so very often since then. Just wanted to let you know of my love and concern for you and your family. You offer so much strength to everyone in the blog posts you write. You are truly amazingly tough--those workouts at BYU were good for something I guess! Just kidding. I think you're incredible and I pray for miracles for your family.
    Sue Taylor Nielsen