Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Waiting for Routines

Whatever happened to wake up, eat, send kids off to school, clean the house, eat, run some errands, pick up kids, homework/practices, eat, read books, go to bed and repeat over and over again? I am anxious to settle into some sense of routine. I think I'll be waiting a while.

I met with the school district today and I was reminded again that I will always be my child's number one advocate and the process will take some careful navigation and straight forward communication. I am glad to know I have some people on my side willing to help if needed. I will remain optimistic that my concerns will be resolved, but am also doing plenty of research on California education codes/laws. I'm grateful for my education and parents who have always done all they could for us in order to provide their children the best education they could.

William looks good. However, according to his blood work today, his hemoglobin counts are low and he is in need of a blood transfusion. Hemoglobin helps transport oxygen to the body and low counts can make you feel tired. William's not jumping on the bed, but he's not lying in it either. He is happy and perky and if you get him started talking about video games, I hope you have a lot of time to sit and listen! Since his counts just barely meet the parameters for transfusion, we were allowed to go home tonight without the blood, but we'll be back tomorrow for the 3+ hour transfusion. Hopefully this will be the extent of this weeks hospital stays and the extra blood with help him ward off any infections as he dips toward neutropenia. He's not quite there yet. His next appt. is on Friday.

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  1. julie you are a rock star. i can't believe you have to battle it out with the school district while dealing with everything else. william is SUCH a blessed little boy for having you as his mother. and i'm a blessed cousin. you're in our prayers always. love love.