Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The chemo is hung from the I.V. pole with care,
In hopes that the nausea in not too hard to bear.

That's all I've got 'cause it's getting late and I'm going to have to abbreviate the past couple days.

We've had a great week and now we're back in the hospital until Saturday morning (hopefully). We reached another milestone too. William managed to stay out of the hospital in between chemo cycles due to unexpected fevers or adverse chemo side effects. The bone marrow harvest did land us in the hospital, but that was planned so we're not counting that stay. Hooray!

We're roomies with William K. again. It is really great to see the boys get so excited to see each other and play like eight year olds. The two boys spent an hour in the hallway playing with airplanes: paper and the styrofoam/cardboard-ish ones from the hobby store. One of our favorite nurses, Lynn, also came and joined in the giggles and fun. It was funny to watch the boys pull their I.V. poles around, but also sobering because they couldn't run after the airplanes and they were stuck throwing them in a short narrow hallway with a low ceiling. Boys and airplanes need wide open spaces. I took pictures and video. Maybe I'll post them one day.

William took missing school all in stride. He is sad not to be in class with his friends and he is sad he doesn't get to walk or ride his bike to school all by himself. On the bright side, he said, "This means I get a longer summer vacation!" Yes, that's one way of looking at it. Ah, to have the perspective of a child.

Last night William received a homemade, wooden, Harry Potter wand that a friend's grandpa made for him! It is awesome! He has spent the day practicing his spells and the art of the hand/arm movements. It is hilarious to listen to him explain the various nuances with each spell. He even came up with his own, very appropriate spell, "Tumoro disappearo!" Ah, to have the imagination of a child.

I have a pet peeve with Blogger. When a blog is posted, it posts with the time I started to write and not the time I actually published. I know, what a ridiculous pet peeve, right? I've actually cut and pasted my entire entry into a new window just before publishing, just to get the time stamp at completion. The time stamp says a lot about my day. Most blogs are actually published near the midnight hour because that's when I actually get around to breathing and processing, but I jot notes during the day if I can. Some of you have figured out my pattern and others are just confused why the time stamp says 7:00 PM, but there was no post when they checked at 10:00 PM. Tonight I'm signing out with the time I finished. If anyone can remedy my pet peeve, feel free to share the knowledge. Otherwise, I'm signing out because I have to collect urine samples every 2 hours throughout the night. It's 11:10 PM. Goodnight.


  1. Yay...I have an answer! Lots of times I blog out of order but eventually want to print a book and would like to have my entries in order of occurrence. And I get the frustration with time stamp. At the bottom of your post is a button on the left named "post options." You can alter the time stamp and date there. I love keeping up to date and knowing how things are going with William and your family. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Click on "Post Options" at the bottom of the posting page and it will allow you to change the time!

  3. love to you all! - guilty confession - I even change the date and time to when I should have posted...like I am 8 months behind on my blog but I just post it in last Nov. because that is when I should have posted...

  4. Here's a solution that should fix your problem once and for all rather than having to adjust the time stamp on each post using the post options feature: update to the new post editor on blogger. The old editor is supposedly going away soon anyway. On your blogger dashboard, go to the Basic Tab, then scroll down to "select post editor" and click on "updated editor." With the updated editor, posts are timestamped at the date and time they are published, not when they were orignally created. The new editor is also better with images--like you can more easily insert your image right in the spot in your post where you want it rather than having it automatically insert it at the top.
    I can imagine how tired you must be some nights when you finally have a chance to blog. You do such a great job though! I'm so glad we can know what's happening with your family without inundating you with phone calls!

  5. tumoro disappearo is the coolest thing i've ever heard!