Sunday, August 8, 2010

Families Rock

I love Sundays because we are all together as a family and we focus on the things that really matter in life.

The past two days have been great as a family. On Saturday, we hiked a bit along the river and under the bridge, went out to eat for pizza, walked to an ice cream parlor and sat out side licking ice cream cones. We said goodbye to Ryan's parents with lots of grateful hugs and welcomed my brother and sister and had a quick visit from my parents as well. It was a busy day, but we created great memories.

Today we all went to church together. We haven't done that since May. And as exhausting as church can sometimes be with wiggly little boys, I loved it! I feel rejuvenated by attending church in ways a good night sleep doesn't provide. I have renewed hope and faith and understanding about the purpose of this life and my role as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, woman, friend.

William is doing fantastic! His energy level is great. He tires easily, but I know that because he is trying to be active! He is perky and his eyes have a sparkle that has been missing for quite some time. My friend, Lisa, commented tonight that he was probably slowly starving himself. I think she is right. He has been so much better since he started the I.V. nutrition. And the transfusion of 3 different blood products last weekend probably helped a bit too. (I totally understand the benefit of blood doping in athletes.)

School starts tomorrow and William is a little sad not to be going with all his friends, but James is coming over to get the annual first day of school picture together. They've been in the same class since Kindergarten. I'm grateful William's start of chemo was pushed back a day so that I can make tomorrow more about my other children and the milestones in their lives. One starts 1st grade and my twins start Kindergarten. They are all so excited! I am too! I'm just dreading having to make lunches again every day.

I am more grateful for everyday I have with my my family, both immediate and extended. I take more time to hug my children and tell them they are loved. I'm not even close to perfect and I still lack patience at times, but Ryan and I both feel the refining that is occuring in certain areas of our lives. Ryan and I are so blessed to have such wonderful, loving, and supportive parents and siblings. Our families have lightened our load in so many ways and brought so many smiles on hard-to-smile days. Despite some of the long physical distances between us, we love you and are grateful for you in our lives!

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  1. Yay! for happy days, blissful moments that we want to freeze and preserve, ice cream cones, pizza and family. I am so glad that you have had doses of all of the above. So glad you have Sundays to absorb perspective. You are wonderful...Ryan is wonderful. We adore all 7 of you!!!! Here's to that wonderful first day of school. Melt my heart...there is nothing like those toothless first grade grins and those darling little kindergarteners. Love you! Aunt Linda