Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Harvest: Success!

We're HOME! We made it home Monday night just before midnight. It is so great to be all together at home. The harvest was successful and now we can cross this step off our list and move forward. William had a rough time getting his femoral line out that night. The procedure itself went well, but William had a great deal of anxiety and it made the whole process take a long time. It took well over an hour just to get through it as we all were working on calming him down. Who can blame him? He's been through a lot and deserves to cry and scream sometimes. He had to lie flat for an hour afterward to make sure the bleeding was controlled. It was good to just have some quiet down time to hold each other and take a lot of deep breaths.

Today was a great day! The boys were all thrilled to be together. William's energy and appetite were fantastic. He's gained about 5 lbs since last Thursday! I'm a proud mother! He and Clark now weigh exactly the same! I'm glad William's not my child with the competitive drive like mine.

We had a fun surprise today too! We have some great pictures to post, but I'm so tired, I'm going to keep you guessing until tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for continuing to post. Uncle Rich and I are keeping tabs and praying and loving all the Murdocks. So happy that the family is together. I was moved by my mind's eye picture of William as he struggled at the end of the procedure. I am so glad he has his mom and dad who are so tender and loving and THERE! Love you all! Aunt Linda

  2. So glad that it was successfull!! I am so glad that you are all together too! We are thinking and praying for you. I felt so bad for William as you described his ordeal with the femoral line. I can't imagine my soon to be 3rd grader being able to handle that- any of what he has handled. She is WAY too dramatic. He'd a tough kid and he deserves all the credit in the world. Hope he keeps gaing weight and that his spirit and appetite will continue to get better.
    Audrey Cox

  3. Pictures? hummmm? I'm guessing that maybe Soren shaved his head. OR...Maybe Julie? Julie, you are cute and all but that probably wouldn't be a pretty picture :) Okay I'll keep guessing.
    Glad to hear the harvest was a success!!!