Monday, August 16, 2010

Tired: What's New?

I've composed some drafts, written lists of things I want to blog about, but I'm tired. Again.

I just picked up my sister, Angela, from the airport. She's here to help in case we land back in the hospital again this week. Because that's William's trend. I'm meeting with the school district tomorrow for his medical independent study program and am prepared to insure I am provided what the law provides, but the reputation of our district in this department is less than stellar. Wish me luck.

William has a clinic visit tomorrow so we'll see if he's neutropenic yet. (William's doing well otherwise: nausea under control, bone pain starting, but also being controlled.)


  1. Is it possible to sign him up for the K12 program? It's more of homeschool than independent study. I think it would be technically through another district. I'm not sure how the registration & etc for that works.

    Hopefully the district is helpful! I have friends that might be able to help, or could point to someone who could help. Let me know if you have trouble.

  2. Hope you can rest, and wish I could come and take the boys for a few days. I know how tired I was after the trip, and now that I'm back in "the rut" of work I have needed to crash. (Thursday last week I got up with Chad, took my breakfast back to bed, and woke up at 11 am--didn't make it to work that day!) Have you and Ryan had any chances to crash--without boys and not at the hospital? Love to you all-

  3. Had to fight our district for cheanne. Ended up going to the state board of education to get help. And then it came fast! Good luck and try to sleep!

  4. Have you looked at South Sutter? It is an independent study program that is publicly funded. My kids are both enrolled there. We have a great teacher that we work with. Here is the website:

    Let me know if you have any questions. Beth Caudle