Thursday, August 12, 2010

William: Posting from Home

(some typed by William, the rest was dictated by him)

I came home today at 11:45 AM.

Soren beat Cameron and Clark three times in a row at Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter
games today. I had a playdate with Sam also. Me and Sam were playing the Wii and Daddy had
promised Cameron that he would play the Wii with him so we let them play. Sam and I tried to play Legos, but decided to go outside. Then we went inside and played some Wii. Then we took Sam home. I liked playing with Sam.

We had quiche for dinner, but I didn't feel like that so Daddy cooked me some macaroni and cheese. When I was halfway done, James and Cole came over and surprised me with cookies from James' grandma. She is one good cook. I ate 2 cookies. Cole, James, and I played Wii with our shirts off! I also got to play Angry Birds on Lisa's iphone. It is really fun!

Last night I ate an In 'N Out burger and animal style fries with my uncle, Matt, at the hospital. Uncle Matt brought it to me because I don't like the hospital food and my mommy keeps making me eat. We played Mario Kart on the DS and we unlock courses and cars.

Uncle Matt and Aunt Natalie left today and I'm a little sad that I didn't get to say goodbye because I was still at the hospital until lunch time. Aunt Angela will come on Monday night.

Grandpa Chad and Grandma Maidy
(Ryan's parents)

First time having energy to ride my bike last week

Being silly with Uncle Matt in their Utah Jazz hats

The dogs, Greta and Hazel, came to visit me. This is me with Hazel just hanging out.

All my brothers and Aunt Natalie and Uncle Matt came to visit. It was loud!

Grandpa and Grandma Bennion stopped by to visit. I'm also wearing my new Star Wars: The Clone Wars pjs.

Play Wii Cole and James.


  1. animal style fries are the BEST!!!

  2. Dear Lady with a Trampoline,
    We all had a great time at your house with not one, but TWO visits today. James worried that all the noise was hard for William. I reminded him it was normal and wonderful, and yes, very loud. No, we didn't get much done, but we laughed a lot. Good to see all of you.
    the Lady with the iphone games

  3. Dear William,
    Thanks for the great blog post!! I really liked your photos :-) It looked like you, Cole and James were having so much fun playing Wii! I love the Wii too...Mario Kart is fun, but I am TERRIBLE at it :-) Glad that your brothers are back home to keep you company (but I'm sure it's noisy sometimes!).
    Mrs. Jones

  4. That photo of the boys is SO funny! I love how Cole looks so towered over by his two tall friends! His sandwiched right in between and they all look like they are having fun!

  5. Great post...thanks for the update, William! You look so great and I love all the pictures. We love you!

  6. nice pics! love to see you on the bike!

  7. William-I am so glad you have the energy to be a thome playing again. It made my heart SO happy to see you riding your bike right before we left. You must be feeling good again to play with your friends. Keep up the good eating, and the good playtimes. Keep blogging, if you can. I liked your stories, and all the pictures. I think I will never catch up with your skills on the Wii or Mario Cart, but I sure hope we can play again together sometime.
    Many loves and kisses- Grandma Maidy