Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Additional Chemotherapy

Today we had a fun, impromptu excursion to the elementary school for Red Ribbon Week. Details and pictures to come tomorrow, hopefully. I'm just too tired.

Other noteworthy news:
  • The doctor's office called today with the updated chemo schedule.
  • The stem cell transplant will be delayed.
  • William heads to the hospital tomorrow morning to begin round 7.
  • It's a 5 day infusion process which means he'll hopefully be discharged on day 6, next Wednesday.
  • Tears were shed over being stuck in the hospital on Halloween, but we'll make memories, right?


  1. Charlie was happy to see William yesterday! He told me that he thought Will looked cool in his "silver beanie" : )

  2. so sorry that will has to spend halloween in the hospital--lame!

    i was just thinking of one of my favorite memories of william. he was really young--maybe less than 2 years old? and he sang all of the lyrics to take me out to the ball game. one of the most adorable things i've ever seen. xoxo

    you guys continue to be in my prayers--my heart aches for success and for william to be able to have the transplant.

  3. Costumes and candy are portable-there will be fun times in the hospital too- just not with all the brothers. Wish we could be there.