Monday, October 4, 2010

Walking on The Wild Side

Here's a quick rundown of today's progress so I have it documented:
  • Disconnected from all IV connections.
  • Took a shower (scrubbed off all residual "stickies" from surgery).
  • Took several walks around the hospital floor and even got cleared to take a walk outside.
  • Walked on the wild side, or should I say, walked across the street just to say we left hospital property for a few minutes.
  • Increasing his solids intake---he should have more room for his stomach with the tumor and kidney absent.
  • Abdomen still quite tender and pain in shoulders from air bubbles still working their way out from surgery.
  • Pain will now be managed by morphine and Tylenol w/codeine as needed.
  • Still in PICU, but only because of staffing issues on the regular floor. Will be transferred in the morning.
  • Scheduled to start Round 6 of chemo in the morning.
  • Hoping to be discharged by Friday afternoon, pending nausea control.
  • Grandpa Chad is taking his shift at the hospital tonight---we'll see how he likes the sleepchair!


  1. We're so grateful for the updates and especially for so much good news lately with a successful surgery and great progress in recovery. We're keeping you in our prayers every day and will pray that round 6 of chemo goes well. Hugs to you all!
    Love, Becca

  2. Wow!! Wonderful news. William, you are amazing!
    Lots of positive energy and healing thoughts coming your way during your chemo this week.
    Mrs. Jones

  3. It's good to hear about all of the progress being made!

  4. Way to go Will!!! Way to go Grandpa Chad!! I miss you both so much. I hope you are enjoying the Willliam stories. We need to write one about how brave and strong you are too.

  5. happiest of days to hear that the surgery was successful!! love to you all. xoxo