Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday, Progress, War Wounds

Happy Birthday, Clark!
We love you so much and the laughter and silliness you bring to our family!

William's progress:
  • Speaking.
  • Epidural removed.
  • NG tube gone. I discovered it pulled out around 3 AM. Still not sure if he pulled it out in his sleep or coughed it out, but at least it's not being put back in.
  • Took his first sips of juice. Had only clear fluids on Tuesday and nothing at all since early Wednesday morning.
  • Off oxygen. He was put back on it during the night when his left lung appeared to have greatly diminished capacity.
  • PCA hooked up---patient controlled analgesic which gives him a button to push to control his pain.
  • Sat in a chair for a few hours.
  • Foley in bladder removed.
  • Incision bandage removed.
Caution: The following will be a life long reminder of a mighty battle. But chicks dig scars so the pain will ease over time! It contains 22 staples which finishes off the many, many stitches in the underlying layers.


  1. You're right, chicks do dig scars, especially this chick. My husband has some pretty sweet scars all over his body from his first deployment to Iraq and his first dance with a rocket-propelled grenade. Sometimes old 5 year old stitches migrate to the surface of his skin and I get to pull them out with tweezers. I love scars because they are a sign of bravery and courage. Your scar is awesome! I'm so glad you shared the picture! Hang in there, you're an inspiration to us. Love, your cousin Becky

  2. Love ya Will, Keep bloggin Julie. You and your family are an inspiration! Found this great song I thought you might enjoy.

  3. I love the family pictures and Clark's handsome and wacky seven year old-ness. Must have been by the side of the river, since Will wasn't at the beach this summer. Love you all so much! I'm missing Chad, but love to call and hear him talking to the boys in the background. I hope having Grandpa there for his seventh birthday will be a memory for clark, even though some of his other memories will include not much time with mom, dad and Will. The only thing I can say about Will's staples is they indicate progress, and they are VERY neatly done!

  4. That is the most awesome scar ever Will!! You are one tough kid! Love ya buddy! Keep wearing that Jazz hat with pride!