Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wii Therapy

Hi everyone, friend Lisa here tonight. I get to share fun photos. Tonight I took my son, James, and two of Will's other wonderful and funny friends to the hospital for a visit. I just love this first photo- a boy who gets out of bed, drags his pole over to the TV to get the Wii going, shoves his Chemo drip out of the way and plays MarioKart with his friends is one amazing kid!Cole and Will On the left- James, Cole Will. Look to the back right and you can see Sam.This photo is also funny because it has four intense boys in the middle of a quad room (maybe Will will get kicked out into a single room because of his rowdy visitors?:)?) making a lot of noise at times. The nurse is adjusting Will's IV behind him but no one looks away from the game.

I brought the wrong lens and had to go into other patients' rooms to back out to get the boys in the shots (another reason for a single room!). It was a good visit and the scar is even better in person. Julie and I got to talk in the hall and we never run out of things to say! If you don't believe me, just ask AT & T and Verizon about our phone bills lately.

Thank you both for the visit. Go to sleep, Julie!


  1. William, when Sam got back, he said "That was really fun...I really like William a lot." Thanks for being such a great friend.

  2. Thanks Lisa- friends are always good therapy, and so is the Wii! I've loved talking to Will on the phone-he sounds just like always. And having fun with friends is also a good stability for him.. Memorable times!

  3. Friends are the best!! Loved seeing William hanging with his buds :-)

  4. I wish those pictures worked... miss u, will.