Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still Neutropenic

William isn't recovering as fast as I would like. But since when did I call the shots? ANC is still 0. This is a new record for length of neutropenia. Tomorrow will be day 5 of a hospital stay we thought would be 2-3 days. He had a kidney scan today (GFR) and was injected with the dye for his MIBG scan tomorrow. I'm doubtful we'll be discharged tomorrow; no logical reasoning other than just starting to be a bit pessimistic. We're just hoping to bust out by Friday so we can leave town and have some family fun for the weekend since this may be one of the few weekends left we'll have together for a few months (pending test results and transplant scheduling).

Other news: I have an amazing sister who is fighting the fires at home. Thanks, Mary. And thanks to her wonderful husband, Erik, for playing bachelor for an unspecified length of time. Also, Clark lost a tooth! Yay! Ryan and I didn't even know one was loose. How's that for attentive parenting? (Dear Tooth Fairy, please remember!)

Oh, and remember that quad room we were stuck in last time? I actually try not to think about it. We may be stuck at the hospital again, but at least we're not sharing a room (for the moment).


  1. so glad you have mary there! love you all praying hard for william.

  2. Had a little chat with Mary at soccer. She is a doll. Let me know if the boys need a playdate or if you and Ryan need a date!

  3. I am praying for William with every prayer and have submitted his name in the temple. Thinking of you Julie!

    m.e. clayton

  4. Hooray for Mary and baby Eliza!!! The boys will always remember the time they've spent together. I hope everyone gets to be together for the weekend. And we're looking forward to what Tuesday's bone biopsy says.
    Lots of love to all-

  5. Uncle Kevin and I have been praying for your family everyday. I so appreciate your faith and example. Take care-we love you. Jeannie