Friday, October 29, 2010

Wizards, Pilots, and Werewolves


Is it crazy to say we are so glad to be in the hospital today? It was a fantastic day!

First, this round of chemo cocktail seems to have milder side effects than previous cocktails. William has eaten some food (rare for him in the hospital) and been in good spirits (also rare in the hospital). We're hoping this continues.

The pediatric floor has been buzzing with excitement. The playroom was full of costumes for children to borrow, children were beaming with Halloween excitement, and cameras were snapping away at children all dressed up with somewhere to go. At 1 PM (it felt like forever watching the clock), all the children healthy enough to leave their rooms got to go around the hospital to various offices and nurses stations. We went trick-or-treating to the basement and all over the first floor in parts of the hospital most people never see. It was so much fun! William described it as a spooky Christmas. No candy was given out due to many diet restrictions for these kids so toys and trinkets were handed out. Have I mentioned how happy these children were? The staff loved seeing the kids and chatting with them too. I think I loved it so much because it made my heart so happy to see all these kids so happy. William, Spencer, and William were like the three little amigos. So fun to listen to them discuss costumes and Halloween. And a huge thank you to Aidan Z. (and his mom) for letting William borrow the Harry Potter Quidditch robe and broom at the last minute! And thanks to William K.'s mom for finding the glasses.

Trick-or-treating in the surgery wing, Make-up, Harry Potter and Professor McGonagall

Spencer (werewolf), William (Harry Potter), William K. (Red Baron)


  1. Looks like the best Halloween party in town! Glad you got to have such a fun day, William (and Mom and Dad too!). With those glasses on, your Harry Potter look is complete--you look so much like him! Enjoy playing with your loot. :)

  2. We were thinking of you at the school last night. SOOO glad to hear that you had a good time. You looked good too!
    The Rodgers

  3. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a picture of a dear grandson who has been sick, who is SO happy is worth 1,000,000!!

    Will you are an AWESOME Harry Potter. I'm so glad it was a fun day. I'll bet there is still some candy in your future, too! Much love to all the spooky boys!

  4. William~~I LOVE, LOVE your costume!! Harry Potter is the best. Wonderful to see your smile :-)