Thursday, October 7, 2010

Staples And Short-Lived Fame

Twenty-two staples were removed today. William did great and we had some fun before they were taken out.That's a zipper tab on the end of the scar and the dot below is supposed to be William's mole on his chin.
He was a trooper and winced just a couple times. A dose of morphine beforehand helped to ease the whole process.

We're still working on eating and his nausea medication was upgraded again. He is now on a continuous infusion of Zofran. We're shooting for discharge tomorrow afternoon and I'm ready to collapse in my own bed. I had the worst night sleep yet last night. Let's just say I wish I knew what the other two mothers took last night because I had to call the nurse each time their child's IV pumps started beeping during the night (and it was multiple times). I have to call the nurse each time for our roommate too because he either sleeps through it or has his headphones turned up too loud. And William is being hydrated with so much fluid to help flush the chemo out of his body, he has to get up several times during the night too. And none of the beeps and bathroom breaks seemed to happen at the same time!!!

The other cause of excitement and then tears was the long awaited airing of the PBS documentary about canine companions on "Healing Quest". William was interviewed back in June with Millie, one of the dogs used by Child Life here at the hospital. We love the dogs and have watched them work their magic with William on many occasions. Our good friend, Claire, and her sister, Jessie, are also in the documentary. William was so excited to see it, but broke out in tears as he was referred to as Billy. We have no idea how they came up with that because Ryan even refers to William as William when interviewed. William said, "I hate the name Billy and it's not me." It broke my heart. Luckily Millie was just outside our door on her way home when we watched the clip and the tears came. Millie came in and William got to stroke her for a few minutes until he felt better. It aired in San Francisco last week and airs here in Sacramento on Sunday at 11 AM on KVIE (PBS).

We love Millie, Hazel, and Greta and their fantastic handlers. Our hospital has an amazing Child Life program and we have really grown to love many of the specialists.


  1. Billy - Schmilly. We know who you are and you looked great WILLIAM! Now you're a TV star :-)

  2. Hey William! At least they didn't call you Shirley! You were great in the video. And your zipper belly is awesome. Get well soon.
    Love, The Lambs

  3. Wooohoo Will!! You're a TV star! They didn't get my name right either but what we said, and the dogs and Jennifer were the best parts. I wish I could be in the same room with you and Millie today! And i wish I could have seen your zipper belly! Maybe some of the marker will still be there when We come back in November. Your scar will still be there for sure, anyway, and that's the part you can always tell stories about for the rest of your life. Millie (and Hazel and Jennifer ) will always remember you too. You are an amazing boy!

  4. That is sooo neat! And to have Claire in it, too. :) Go WILLIAM!

  5. The name problem reminded me of Monsters Inc. At least they didn't cover up your face like Mike Wasouski!!! What an awesome thing to be on TV and to have Millie as your friend. Sounds like you are lucky to have her! LOVE the scar pics! You are awesome William!
    The Rodgers

  6. William,

    This is your mom's cousin Byron Halsey and his family. We've been silently following your blog from the beginning and are so excited to hear how well you're doing. We also feel lucky to be related to someone so famous even if they did get your name wrong : ) I'm sure all your friends will always be super jealous of your battle scar. Hopefully we can meet you some day soon. Tell your mom to come take a vacation in San Diego and you guys can stay with us!

  7. I can finally say that I know a real celebrity! Loved you and Millie in the video...maybe they called you Billy because it rhymes with Millie?!? It doesn't matter at all, though, because your smiling face was the most important part. Oh, and the scar/zipper/face is priceless! Hope to see you soon. Hugs to all!